Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patties Day!

Happy ST. Patties Day.

This week was fun. Monday we had dinner with an awesome family and it was also with the other elders as well so it made it even more fun. Tuesday Elder 'Iongi packed and we went out and did some work which was followed by an awesome dinner with the Burgie family. Wednesday was rather boring I waited at a church building from 8:30- about 2:30.  We had a lesson with Jason and unfortunately he doesn't want to meet with us anymore for a little while but he is still going to read from the Book of Mormon. Thursday was rather boring as well I was helping Elder Broderick get to know the area and we knocked a bunch of doors with some success. Friday was a pretty busy day we were out for the most of it teaching less active members and did some service with Peter. Saturday was fun we had a pretty empty day to fill so we went tracting, street contacting, and tried to visit members. This is how we meet Sarah and her family. Sunday was great we had 3 awesome talks about faith just what i needed at the right time. 

This has been an interesting week getting a new companion. I am excited and a little worried for this transfer. We were able to get some good numbers this week. I know that the Lord will provide  means that we can do His work. This week we met with Jason and he has asked that we just give him time to read the Book of Mormon and give him a call every once in a while. However we were able to find 4 new investigators this week, 3 of those are a mother(Sarah), a son(12), and a daughter(8). The daughter has been asking about going to a church for the past few months so we are excited to start teaching them. It was cool to talk with them because they were outside playing with their dog and we talked with her a little bit and asked if we could share a message with her and her family and she said sure. We taught the restoration then she told us the age of her kids and it was awesome to tell her that they both could get baptized and her son could receive the Priesthood. We have an appointment with them Wednesday evening and I am hoping to be able to extend a baptismal commitment to them and possibly a date. We are going to keep working hard and having faith. I hope you have a good week and I am excited for one here. 

Elder Robert Pike

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What a week

Hello everyone,
Well we went on exchanges Tuesday had a great time. Wednesday was good. We did service for Peter Klein and we have been meeting with him a little about the church. Thursday we taught Jason about keeping the Sabbath day holy he unfortunately didn't make it to church this week and he did promise us that he would do his best to come this week. Thursday I also got a call from my mission president letting me know of some sad news. My grandfather has lung cancer and had to go in for radiation and chemo and that I was going to get a call from them. Friday we were able to do some tracting with no success.  Saturday we had an awesome show up to the sports day we had 4 non members 2 of which are going to play for the wards basketball team. The youth are having a great time with the sports day because they are starting to bring more people. I was also able to talk with my grandfather and the rest of my family for a little. I know it means a lot to them. So I have a request to ask you will you pray for my grandfather? I will appreciate it dearly and I know through the power of prayer that everything will be good. Sunday was good we were able to go to a youth baptism and meet some non member friends of a family in our ward, and help strengthen a semi active daughter of a member family. 
Love you all,
Elder Robert Pike

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3rd.

Hey there High there Hoe there,

This was a good week. We had a new investigator for us and he was at church. Brother Rauls is his name he is a part member family. He has been coming to church for the past 7 years and we were able to talk with him about why he hasn't been baptized. He has given us his concerns and we have been working on resolving them. We also had a good lesson with Jason. We are going to have a small struggle with getting him to church because he isn't willing to talk to his boss about having the Sunday off. We are meeting with him this Thursday we are planning in teaching the Plan of Salvation and Sabbath day holy as well. I am excited for this week to come we have some good plans and we are hoping have some good things happening. This was truly an awesome week we had an awesome lesson with Bro Crider. He actually talked to us, after some heart felt testimonies from us and a member brother Sellers about coming to church this week. Unfortunately he didn't make it. We are excited for this week to play out, we are going to  be at the sports day this Saturday with the youth they are awesome they have been doing their bests to bring friends. I hope you all are having a great time I love you all and will talk with you next week.
Elder Robert Pike
Robert's District
Robert wanted to know if he could still cook.  Looks good to me!
I miss his cooking!

A Week of Answers of Prayer and Fasting

This week has gone okay for us unfortunately we were unable to see Bother Crider this week he has been sick. So we set  up an appointment with him and are going to meet with him and his girls this Thursday with our young men's leader. As we told you at zone conference that we have a new investigator Jason Shultz. He is awesome so we weren't able to meet with him last Saturday when we got the referral.  He wasn't home so we left a restoration pamphlet with wife and she said she would give it to him. Well it was really awesome. We had that wonderful lesson with him because he actually read the pamphlet. He asked us questions from the pamphlet about some of the words that were in it and some of the statements in it as well. The spirit was definitely with us there as we taught and he could feel it as well. He was in an accident a few years ago and someone passed away from the crash and he then turned to God and Jesus Christ after that crash. So we are planning to teach him the plan of salvation this Thursday, I am so excited to teach him because I feel that he will catch on to the gospel and will never let it go. I am so excited for him and the Crider's because I feel like they will be progressing really soon. I Love Sun Prairie, the tracting may be deficult but the people are nice, the ward is awesome, and the missionaries here really are trying to make Sun Prairie explode. We may not have the most baptismal dates, investigators, or success but we are lifting our selves high in faith and the spirit doing the Lords work. I am excited to go where ever the lord sends me I hope that I will be able to bring the excitement that I have to another good area and ward/branch.

Love you all,
Elder Robert Pike