Monday, April 21, 2014


Goodbye Sun Prairie. Hello Madison 1st ward.

As you can probably guess I am going to be moving, about 15-20 minuets away from where I am at to the middle of Madison. I am excited and a little disappointed I kind of wanted to leave the Madison area but oh well, the Lord apparently needs me here. This week we have been really working hard and preforming service for the members cleaning up yards and chopping some wood for next winter. This Saturday was the Pinewood derby and our car won the best hand carved car. I am so excited for this ward because also on Saturday they had a baptism from the other Elders. He is 9 and his whole family came up from Milwaukee. I am truly hoping for a great summer because the way it looks I will be in Madison for the majority of it on a bus. I can't wait for the next 6 weeks to see a bunch of blessings from hard work and dedication. I hope you all have a good week 
Love you all,
Elder Robert Pike


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hello There!

Hello there 

This week was good I feel like Elder Broderick and I are working through our differences and we are starting to work well together. This week we did a bunch of service for the members and we are going to continue tomorrow as well. I love this ward the members are awesome. They are organizing a ward fast and a chapel tour/open house for this summer. They have also placed the sports day into the youths hands and if they want to organize it and if they bring investigators we will be there and so will the leaders. I am so excited for this Easter Sunday and how much more the spirit will be in others homes. This Thursday/Friday marks 16 years ago that I was diagnosed with cancer.  It is awesome to see now that I am on a mission blessing the lives of others by strengthening their faith in Jesus Christ. I am so excited for this next few weeks to see how much work we will get done. We have plenty of time to find new investigators. I am truly diving into Preach My Gospel and into the atonement this week for my studies. Do you have any favorite scriptures about the atonement? I hope you have a good week and a good Easter.
Love you all,
Elder Robert Pike

A Fun Week of Meetings

Wow what a week,

This week we had a Zone training meeting on Tuesday morning, District meeting and interviews with President Cutler on Wednesday.  This weekend was General Conference, so we didn't have much time this week for proselytizing but when we did we went and hit the pavement. It was so cool on Sunday night we were going to see a less active member and  this Hispanic guy calls down from the third story of this building he asked if we could come and pray with him. We went up and we found out that their were 5 people in this little apartment having a nice family meal and so we gave a quick lesson and left them with 2 Book of Mormons. They were really nice and want to learn more. We are going over next Sunday to teach them more. I hope that the spirit of the Lord will be with us as we teach them. 
This week was alright the numbers wasn't too great but the spirit was defiantly felt and much appreciated. So we didn't have too many lessons but we did invite a bunch of people to conference but sadly none came that we know of, but Brother Rauls did watch both Sunday sessions at his mother-in-laws. We did encounter a huge blessing on Sunday we were walking to a less actives house from our car and this guy invited us up to his apartment and we ere able to teach 5 people and to set up a return appointment which was awesome. We are excited to teach these new investigators but I am a little hesitant though. All in all it was a great conference I truly loved it. The talks were great trying to teach to defend your faith. I hope this week goes well. I am having a great time in Wisconsin. I love it here even though the weather hasn't been to nice. I have come to enjoy the cold, but it is making a quick turn around. I have also come to truly love the people here and even though I may not be having baptisms often I know I am converting someone as I go out day to day. I hope you are doing well and I hope you have a good week.

Love  you all,
Elder Robert Pike
This is what Sun Prairie service looks like.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Another week, Another conference.


This week was a fairly good one we had most of our days filled with service for others and very little tracting. We were going to have a lesson with Brother Rauls this week but he was working, so he could get the weekend off to spend it with his kids. So unfortunately he might not be getting baptized while I am here. This week we didn't have as much success out tracting like last week but we still had some good lessons. I am starting to have a hard time of knowing what to do here because I am running out of ideas of what to do besides tracting. I am so grateful to the members here they are awesome, they are doing their hardest to give us all work but it is really hard to get referrals from the sisters here because their friends would like to meet during the day and we can't get males to come with us. Well this week looks like it is going to be a good one we have a little time to find but we will use all of it. Hope you have a great week.
Love you all,
Elder Robert Pike
P.S I am truly excited for this conference this weekend. This will be my third one in the field. I am truly excited to hear from our Prophet and Apostles of the church. I want to challenge everyone to watch at least 1 session of conference weather at church or home at 
                              Elder Pike and Elder Cook at transfer point. 
                Not too sure about all this.  I asked for a picture      
                                      and this is what I got.
                           You will have to ask Elder Pike.