Monday, February 9, 2015

Well what a week!

This week was an awesome! One we had bunch of cool things happen and one not so cool thing. This week started off really good we had a good district meeting about goals but unfortunately I don't feel we are living up to our potential there but oh well, it's not my call. Then I went on exchanges with an Elder who has been out a little longer than me. We had fun and were able to get in contact with some people that they haven't seen for a while. Then Thursday was pretty cool we went and did some wood stacking and the drove down to Tomahawk to exchange with the zone leaders and we came up. Then went to a less actives house and had a great lesson and then we talked a lot about his mission and how he desires to come to church but has major migraines and doesn't want to go because of the pain but we are going to keep working with him. Then Friday Elder Arnold and I went and taught Dave and Elder Arnold Interviewed him and he passed and that was awesome we had a great time. We went and did some service for a member in preparation for the Ice fishing  trip. Then Saturday we went ice fishing and had a ton of fun, we didn't catch too many between the 30 of us. They caught about 12 northern pike. We played some football and ate some good food but then as we were leaving I was looking for our keys and they weren't there so we went back out to the ice and looked for an hour or so and had no luck finding them. Which sucks we are in one of the biggest areas in the mission with out the ability to get around for a few days while we wait to get the spare key from Milwaukee. But on the good side again Dave got baptized on Sunday and everything went great and he is excited for this next Sunday to get the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Well I hope you are having a great week.
Love you all,
Elder Robert Pike

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