Monday, February 23, 2015

Zone Conference, wait my last one :(

Hey Hey Hey,
This week was a weird one. We did a lot of work but not too much results until 2 investigators just showed up to church! Crazy miracle!! Something really cool we had Zone Conference this week and it was really cool I really enjoyed it. We talked a lot about goals and the Plan of Salvation. Which was really cool to better understand some of the principals from the plan of salvation and now to be able to apply what I've learned. I am so excited for the next few weeks. I hope you are doing good, and have a nice week

Love you  all,
Elder Robert Pike

Every week I write to Elder Pike I send him a list of questions.  I usually always ask how the weather is.  Today he said Rhinelander isn't bad, it was really cold this morning  -22.  Oh my goodness glad to be in Las Vegas.

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